Sunday, April 5, 2009

Drag Lust - The Unforgiveable Sin

I didn't have time to shoot this weeks theme. I know, I had three weeks, but I did notice a lot of sinning this Friday during a Drag Show in the Underground. The show was unexpectedly hilarious, that is if you can stand sexual and racial exploits used in good comical context and you're not overly weirded out by cross-dressing men constantly adjusting their plumbing and drying the sweat from their foreheads with their implants. If that's not sinning, I don't know what is!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Of all the information board thingies in the entire building, the photo club's is the least visually appealing by quite a large margin. Am I the only one that feels a little embarrassed by this? I don't know if people pay attention to these or not, but if they do, there's a good chance they get the impression that it's a half-assed club with a small number of disinterested members. Oh, wait...nevermind. It's perfect. Let's just leave it as it is.