Sunday, March 15, 2009

Diet Coke + Mentos = Fluid Explosion

The CO2 in my Diet Coke chemically interacts with my Mentos to create a cascading effect in the fluid that my face happens to intercept.
I was thirsty so I decided to leap for a drink before the cascade ended.

Flying across the frame I came to a crashing finish in the melting snow.

Call me crazy, not because I'm getting wet for this photo, but because I don't even like Diet Coke!

An uppercut of Diet Coke to my chin leaves me wondering what is happening inside my head that led to me to this photo.


  1. Absolutely hilarious!! I would have never thought to do this.

  2. Nicely done. The one where you're just about parallel with the horizon made me laugh something awful. It looks as if you were feverishly trying to get a drink of soda before itexploded but came up just short.

    In the second photo some of the globs of foaming soda form a square shape. Nifty.

  3. awesome shots! how many mentos and diet cokes did you go through? haha

  4. I purchased 6 Diet Cokes originally and then, since 2 of them were duds since mentos got caught and all they did is spray out, I went back and got 4 more (so 10 total). I went through about 5 to 10 Mentos per bottle. Total Cost to Me: Around $20 (That's me, money to burn)

  5. I made an image-meme off one of your pics above, thought you might get a chuckle: