Sunday, March 15, 2009

Water and Food Coloring

I like the abstract, prism-like effect created by sunlight shining through this beveled glass. I was taking photos of the random swirly patterns you get from dropping food coloring in water when I noticed this wavy display of physics at work. I'm fairly certain I see Roy, G, and Biv in there. Kinda cool that you get an orderly arrangement of colors from a random distrubtion of food coloring in a glass of water. Thanks science!

Of course, these photos don't really scream "liquid", which makes them shitty submissions for this assignment, but it's all I got. Just try to enjoy the pretty colors.


  1. The colours swirling in the water creates a neat effect. Playing with food colouring is so much fun! I used the same concept for a photo 2 assignment last semester.

  2. I like the color too. I am curious what a real close-up would show as well.