Sunday, March 29, 2009


So....being Spring Break and all I originally wanted to pursue the gluttony trail and get some hardcore drinking photo to add...but unfortunately that didn't work out, so I ended up taking a new direction on the path of avaritia (Latin for Greed). I've done similar takes along these lines but not with as much props. Granted....the 20-some-odd dollars in paper and coins in the picture wouldn't make someone greedy on the technical depicts gambling as a greedy "sport". I'm all in.

Seven Deadly Sins

Lust would seem to be a contributing factor to any sexual encounter that involves throwing a condom out of a car window. For some reason I don't imagine a lot of slow and tender, Barry White style love-making sessions take place in the backseat of an automobile. I could be wrong though.

I think I've got a new idea for a marketing slogan that's really gonna help precious gem peddlers move product. This is just off the top of my head, mind you, but I think it's a good start:

Diamonds. Fuck practicality and good sense; buy a really expensive shiny rock to wear on your finger.

Or how about:
If you're poor and can't afford a diamond, you don't really love the women you want to marry.

Seriously though, can someone please explain to me how absurdly expensive rocks became synonymous with love and commitment? "I want to marry you and be with you forever, so I blew three months pay on this thing for your finger." It's just stupid and the fact that this idea has become so ingrained in our culture truly speaks to the extent to which vanity, greed, and gluttony have run amuck.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This was kind of a last-minute thing and I didn't have much time, and it's obviously low-quality, but it's simply a glass, paper, and some Gatorade. I thought just having a glass might be too plain so I dumped a little bit on the paper before snapping the shot. It's noisy but didn't turn out too too horrible, and the concept fits well.

I snapped this with my little point-and-shoot digital while I was ice fishing up north last weekend. Just some water as we pulled the auger out of one of the holes.

This is an old one but I like it and put it up just for grins. It's a little wave splash from the Gulf of Mexico when I was down in Florida last May. I was at Bonita Beach in Bonita Springs, FL.

The Cascade

Here's some local kids enjoying the cascade (It shows just how high this thing shoots up, the highest one went up around 20 feet) - the little dude decides to take a drink a split second later and redirects the cascade directly at my camera! LOL - science is fun!


Oh, how I can't wait until summer when my fudgesicle melts due to the heat, not my blow-dryer. ;)

Long Exposure

I enjoy the book, Twilight. I got this idea from Media Photo I, and I tried to do it myself. Fortunately, it worked out! The cover image appears as though it is inside of the pages of the book.


Water and Food Coloring

I like the abstract, prism-like effect created by sunlight shining through this beveled glass. I was taking photos of the random swirly patterns you get from dropping food coloring in water when I noticed this wavy display of physics at work. I'm fairly certain I see Roy, G, and Biv in there. Kinda cool that you get an orderly arrangement of colors from a random distrubtion of food coloring in a glass of water. Thanks science!

Of course, these photos don't really scream "liquid", which makes them shitty submissions for this assignment, but it's all I got. Just try to enjoy the pretty colors.

Diet Coke + Mentos = Fluid Explosion

The CO2 in my Diet Coke chemically interacts with my Mentos to create a cascading effect in the fluid that my face happens to intercept.
I was thirsty so I decided to leap for a drink before the cascade ended.

Flying across the frame I came to a crashing finish in the melting snow.

Call me crazy, not because I'm getting wet for this photo, but because I don't even like Diet Coke!

An uppercut of Diet Coke to my chin leaves me wondering what is happening inside my head that led to me to this photo.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Night Moves

I like this one (taken in Milwaukee on the Marquette campus) because it reminds me of music notes.

Slow Shutter

I tried a number of things this week, everything from ping pong shots, to sledding and snow angels, but the results were less than stellar. Oh well, maybe next week.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Long Exposure - 3 Lights

I decided to do a night shot but it was too cloudy to get the stars. I set my shutter to 15" and captured all 3 lights as they changed.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Slow shutter speed project

My photos are a bit cliche, perhaps, but I enjoy them nonetheless.

Here's an old photo I'm particularily proud of that also works with this theme

Monday, March 2, 2009

Color Theory

My submission for the color theory theme is shit. Haha, get it? Yeah, you got it. Seriously though, it's not very good. What we have here, I believe, is color theory put to practical use in the real world. The complimentary colors of purple and yellow are used to make the appearance of plastic sheds filled with shit and piss a little more pleasing to the eye. Doesn't do much for the smell though.

Who am I?

I have a bad habit of putting off the task of putting my laundry away. So much so that for days at a time I end up falling asleep next to a pile of clean clothes that I've pushed to the side. This is what I look like sleeping a good portion of the time.

So...I'm a procrastinator, I guess. And most would say a little strange. But whatever, this is who am I!

"Color Theory" and me.

Best chocolate drink ever, and me playing the bass.

Who is Josh O'Bright?

This is Josh O'Bright

By the expression on his face I would conclude he is single, a bit crazy, and reads a lot of books on photography - all aspects of a prospective photojournalist.

Color Theory

I love eggs. From my head down to my legs.

Nice To Meet You!

This is the photo I was originally going to post. I'm pretty girly and into makeup. But...

...I'm also VERY accident-prone, so I feel like this photo is a good representation of me as well.

Who Am I?

I am a sports fan. And I'm mildly obsessed with J.J. Hardy.

Color Theory

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Color Theory: TGI Steak

I filled my frame with various tones of brown, red and black with a steak I had at TGIF's Saturday. I typically don't have steak because of the cost, but I survived 4 exams in one week and decided to treat myself.
When I had all but devoured my steak, I noticed the juice and the steak sauce all filled the frame with similar colors and took out my Canon G-10 and shot for 20 minutes. I recieved a lot of weird looks by other customers and TGIF workers, but I was on a mission to compose a great shot despite the poor lighting.

Color Theory

Please post your photos for weekly theme #2, "Color Theory." Fill the frame with color!

Who am I?

Please post your photos for the first weekly photo theme, "Who am I?" Tell us a little about yourself!